Sunday June 16, 2019
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PixelDam project


Yard The Water-Mill
Created by:
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
Pixel Creek [115.61]
Sunday August 24, 2008
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Animation isn't best with 10frames. If I add 5 new /for 1 turn of the wheel/ the file will go up too much!

44 colours, they are too many, but with so many corrections of the colours... now can throw away some of them :(

I prefer to put as finished work and to jump in next... I dislike some parts as shadows, left part of the walls, trees and some other.



Another beautiful scene.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
I'm severely impressed, a beautiful and tranquil scene. I love the animations too. A definite 5 from me.
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
one word. WHOOOAAHHH.
and now some more constructive comment;). beautiful:). the creek is moving nice and smooth, details in the animals are very neat.
the diversity in the trees is also very good.
very, very beautiful.
CitizenBuilder colorznatalius
Idyllic, very beautiful. 5!
CitizenConstructorStarGazer Roan
Tourist hediye13
PHENOMENAL! yes caps lock!
Tourist driftme
also very FF-esque... i love it
Tourist driftme
Very nice, animation is very good, the kid's breathing is expert, but the bird's flapping and the dogs tail's movement is kinda bad... Do you see it??

btw this is Morgan cook
CitizenBuilderStarGazer Fuzzyleaves
Thanks for all comments peoples :)

I also dislike animation Fuzzyleaves, main problem is that wheel have 10 frames, all another small animations must have good look in 10 frames /I talk for water, snoozer ets./ :( The problem is that if I add new 5 frames for wheel the work will goup with near to 40-50kb more that is why animations aren't good... Also over the birds have some strange pixel area, but after I test some diferent types which will look best when add to the town I choose this... also animation of the shadow of the dog tail is poor, but he is over the curb in the town and I was lazy to move dog again... If I can add animations separatelly will be best :(
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
This is brilliant. Love the animation, the originality, and the artwork as a whole.
Tourist PrettyAsAPixel
It's so cute...I wanna real life house like this...simply adorable :)
Tourist Amaterasu
CitizenBuilder Nomad
5!! :D
CitizenConstructorStarGazer papergun